Caring is what Cornerstone is all about.

Cornerstone is promoted by a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in Civil Engineering and Interior works who are building an Organization with a reputation based on the premise that quality has no compromise.

Commitment and integrity in turning out the best job at the best possible price is the hallmark of our Organization.

We utilize the best of talents available at all levels, taking pride in professional excellence.

We pay close attention to architectural and technical specifications, ensuring very good job.

Besides meeting the construction needs, we specialize in RCC multi-storied buildings fabrication and erection of steel structures, Industrial Buildings, pre-engineered pre- fabricated buildings, Educational Institutions, Information Technology Parks, Warehouses, Workshops, Roads, Pavements and low cost group housings.

Creating a comfortable environ which is aesthetically pleasing and functional with good ambience and well chosen decor, furnishings, furniture, appropriate lighting and good acoustical design form an integral part of our services.

Cornerstone is well-equipped with the requisite infrastructure enabling us to attend to every client’s individual need promptly and efficiently.


Story- Cornerstone

Knowledge is a lifelong companion. Knowledge empowers you to change how the world works. Knowledge is the source of Wealth. Applied to tasks we already know, it becomes Productivity. Applied to tasks that are new, it becomes Innovation.

Innovation is the process that translates knowledge into economic growth and social well-being. Equally, Technology also empowers the young people around the world.

Finally, what sets the successful ones apart is their amazing persistence.

Having gained confidence, it was rather a very bold move to become an entrepreneur at the age of 25.Started with structural design consultancy and then into construction of small residential dwellings, it was never an easy walk as one would have ever thought.

Being an artist with a long passion over architecture, the design and build of many residential units had earned a good reputation among the lower middle class segment of Chennai.

During 1993, this venture took shape in the name and style of Messrs. Cornerstone with my wife, Smt. Jasmine George as the proprietrix.

The company registered continuous growth year over year and made profits constantly, for the past two decades.

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

During the year 2013,
Messrs. Cornerstone Constructions Limited came into existence.

M. Anto George is the Chairman & Managing Director and Mrs. Jasmine George, Ms. Ankisha George and Mr. Asherin George are Directors of the company.

Quality Management System

Making and keeping customers happy is an ongoing task for every company or organization and demands being well-organized in many ways. In order to structure this and make it transparent, the use of a standard such as ISO 9001 is essential. This systematic approach allows the services to be constantly improved.

ISO 9001 certification shows that the (quality) management system ensures the requirements and expectations of clients, shareholders and employees are fulfilled and the legislation regarding the products and services is also adhered to. The ISO 9001 certificate illustrates the desire to constantly improve.

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