With over 25+ years of experience, we are committed to exceeding expectations with exceptional craftsmanship and professional performance. We can bring that same level of experience and quality to your residential and commercial construction project, whether you need Residential/Commercial Construction, Design/Build Services, Remodelling, or Renovations.

Regardless of size or complexity of your project, Cornerstone Constructions Limited can assist you in designing and implementing the best options for your project.

Designing structures that are functionally robust is our forte. From new constructions to expansions, from renovation to refurbishment of existing facilities – we provide customized solutions that address all your structural requirements.


Temporary structures like formwork, scaffolding, platforms and earth-retaining structures are not part of the permanent structure, more often than not upkeep and regulation of these structures is neglected in most constructions which may lead to catastrophic effects. We focus on temporary structure design, thereby, ensuring safety of workers and avoiding failure.

Our Services includes :
Drafting Services

General Arrangement Drawings

Detailed Engineering Drawings

Fabrication Drawings

Outsourcing Services

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”

With our competent team and resources to handle critical challenges of engineering projects complex in nature, we are able to provide all the services mentioned above with highest quality, and on time.


Our turnkey contracting includes a start to finish job. We have an experienced and skilled contracting team with diverse specialisations to carry out every aspect of the job. We undertake projects from scratch and give you a neatly finished product.


We maintain a totally professional approach with our clients and our team. All our work is systematic, Organised and above board. We provide timely reports to update the client of the progress and level of completion.


A project is worthwhile when it is ready to use. Whether it is a commercial or residential construction we take care of all the details including the minor ones to ensure that no aspect is overlooked. We give you a project that it completely ready with no loose ends. We micro scan our work to give you a finished project.

“We recognise the importance of challenging ourselves to be better, always striving for higher standards, and developing our talents and growing with our clients.”

Sectors we work for
Interior Works

Creating inspiring environments that support and enhance the human condition, we do not operate with set theories or styles of design.  Our architecture seeks to exist in the cyclical relationship between people, place and time.


Don't call us 'Green Architects'.  We consider ourselves 'Sustainable Architects' who provide our clients with a much broader framework of enquiry into their needs by embracing the three separate and distinct aspects of sustainability – social, environmental and financial.


We help you define your own unique business identity. With exemplary Interiors you can make a lasting impression on your clients.


The feeling of spaciousness inspires light and energy flow. We employ innovative methods to accommodate all your requirements in a practical and usable manner while maintaining a neat expression.


We follow a global design trend and incorporate the latest in structural expertise to create meaning and infuse life into the space we design.


We balance functions with form by implementing styles which meet the demand at each step of activity. Our high standards and creative designs merge to produce structures that have connotation


Our quality adds value to your building. We uphold the highest standards ranging from material to workmanship. Ours is a no compromise policy – in quality of material or workmanship.


We go all out to give you the most creative interiors which speak comfort and style in a language which is known only by the heart. We give you an interior design which is totally personalised and customised.

Total team coordination, exceptional quality:

Our multi-skilled team is experienced in the fast-paced Design-Build construction delivery method. We know materials, costs and the realities of construction. With that knowledge, we provide the best-value solutions to our clients. Through total coordination and precise communication, we keep all project team members on the same page through every phase of design and construction. Owner, builders, designers, subcontractors and vendors — everyone works together to complete projects on-time, on-budget and to built quality.

Benefits of Design-Build

Rapid delivery

Smooth process,

Better solutions and Better Communication.

Design-Build cost savings :

Building smart with Design-Build pays dividends, reducing both real (accounting) costs and opportunity costs.

Last but not least, We have a long list of strong references and a portfolio of projects . And throughout our project, we have great communication systems in place so we are always up to date and able to report progress to the clients.